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Barcelona Concept Room

This hotel room design concept has been developed for a new property of a prestigious hospitality group for the dynamic and vibrant coastal Catalonian capital Barcelona. 


The design intent centres around transforming the guest room into an unexpected cosmopolitan living experience by amplifying a seaside residential Mediterranean feel curated with a collection of timeless and elegant furniture and details. An open bathroom layout with external vanities helped to enlarge the living space and welcome more light further into the plan. 


The quintessential coastal influence aims to bring the typically indoor soft textiles through to the outside,  while the heritage from wooded cliffside retreats deeper in the Catalonian landscape integrates elements of the subtle local vernacular architectural features into the guestrooms. These distinct design directions combine to create a soft and sensitive backdrop for the FF&E to contrast and establish a holistic sense of place for the guests.


The use of a selective palette of natural materials and muted tones; paired with plush textiles and patterns generate a bright and warm space overlooking the Mediterranean sea.

CGIs by Different Pictures

Spain Hotel Room Concept 5.jpg
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