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Flint Stud Farm

Situated on the crest of a field in Wiltshire, Flint Stud is a sensitive addition to a traditionally designed brick country home connected by a contemporary glazed link.

Externally, the formal symmetry of the Queen Anne style house is complemented by a brick and split flint extension, typical of secondary or agricultural buildings in the local area. The volumes form a courtyard around the main entrance with hints of panoramic views through each building, reinforcing an otherwise lost connection with the landscape. The proportions, hipped gable ends and arched crittal windows embrace the contextual aesthetic of the local architecture.

The distinction between the old and new parts of the house carry through in every element, from the exterior material palette and construction style to the interior finishes and detailing.

Pairing functional and surprising outdoor moments with clear views through the building to the landscape allows to celebrate the local vernacular in the brown split flint, brick quoining and brick strings framing arched crittal windows.

Internally working with naturally tactile and durable materials helps to enrich the design with a patina and timelessness to embed the interior into its place. Contemporary furniture has been paired with mid century and heritage pieces to create social living spaces which remain serene and inspiring.

CGIs by IsoVisuals

Flint Stud 1.jpg
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