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Garden Office

We collaborated with Maison August for this 400m2 office space for Edyn Hotel group, whose ethos is built around unique, vibrant, and distinctive spaces that nourish and enliven the soul. Our vision was to create an inspiring workspace for Edyn that reflected this mindset by using bold colours, textural materials and statement furniture. 


As the name suggests, Edyn wanted to incorporate a feeling of being in a garden into the scheme so planting was an essential element of the scheme which also acted as a space divider to create private nooks surrounded by lush greenery. 


Sustainability is at the heart of the concept, so all furniture was chosen for its durability and we placed natural and recycled materials above all others. We created a retro pattern with metallic colours in recycled vinyl and textile offcuts to serve dual purposes: sustainable flooring that drove the overall colour scheme. The open plan space was divided in different zones for co-working, hot desking, meeting rooms and a lounge for more casual meetings. Here, we curated an eclectic set of furniture by mixing vintage pieces with contemporary designers’ elements, seeking to bring a domestic feel to a working environment.


Adding to the unconventional identity to the space, we designed a mobile cocktail bar unit and a DJ booth on wheels using bright perspex. Our client added a disco ball to the lounge to emphasize playfulness, community and vibrancy, and therefore reinforcing the values so essential to the company and its people.

​Photos by Edmund Dabney

Maison August - Edyn Office 5.jpg
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