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Kensington Locke
Kensington, London.
(Art Deco.Tropical.Bohemian)

Interior design studios Atelier Ochre and House of Dré have collaborated to design the vibrant and glamourous interiors of Locke Kensington, the first property in West London.


The interiors of the apartments have been curated as a series of retro boudoir rooms with colourful tones, plush materials, vibrant patterns and Art Deco details. The design echoes the golden age of Kensington while maintaining a contemporary approach reflecting the modern traveller’s habits. Impactful textures and tones are celebrated, defining the immersive look and feel of each room – the audience is transported to a bygone, yet fundamentally modern era. The guest’s experience of the apartment is articulated through bold character pieces: sweeping rolled banquette seating, deconstructed wardrobes and retro fittings. 


The warm and distinctive interiors of the hotel are designed to provide solace from the bustle of Cromwell Road, inviting guests through a welcoming layering of casual and bohemian spaces, each individually articulated - a cabinet of curiosities. These include a bakery, a co-working space, a cocktail bar, and a restaurant culminating in live band stage. Opulent planting and precisely measured plasterwork help define a clear and focused rhythm to the spaces, carefully framing the view towards the extensive gardens accessed through the conservatory cocktail bar. Elements of glamour in brass detailing, fringes, tassels, heavy dividing curtains and curated artwork lend a sophisticated feel to the apartment rooms. Each space is curated with an eclectic mix of character pieces and punctuated with bold pattern fabrics, crafted furniture and fine rattan structures. 

Designed in collaboration with House of Dré

​CGIs by Different Pictures

Locke Kensington - Bakery.jpg
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