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Manor House

The design concept of the extension and refurbishment of this Georgian townhouse in South London, aims to provide a new centre for the home, filled with light and views out. The new kitchen, living and dining space has large glazed elements carved from its new envelope, bringing light into the older parts of the house as well as reinforcing the connection to the East facing garden. 


The Italian and French client's desire to bring in natural soft light in the space was a driving force for the design. Chosen materials with textured surfaces, natural stones, deep veined marble and exposed timber grains accentuate a connection to the surroundings outdoor garden by blurring the inside outside boundary. The room is bathed in soft light from a large crittal skylight overhead. 


Working with the orientation and natural flow through the space, the kitchen transforms into a softly lit setting for the client's regular dinner events. Designing with the client's down to the details made for a very personal space, that reflected their lifestyle.

The Master bathroom is a serene space, benefitting from a direct view of the garden through the large Georgian window. A fireplace was reintroduced as an elegant feature, and set into the mosaic marble flooring. 

The layout consolidated two bathrooms whose floor was not properly strengthened, causing the floor and ceiling below to bow. The movement in the fittings gave way to leaks that further damaged the structure locally. The client saw the opportunity to add an additional bathroom on the top floor to allow the master bathroom to feel as spacious as possible. 

​Photos by Inna Kostukovsky

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